Urban Vision Expression Challenge

IOH is pleased to announce an Urban Vision Expression Challenge: Smart 2040 urban vision for Bhutan!

About the Urban Vision Expression Challenge (UVEC)
The UVEC is a platform of articulating through any forms of expression (paintings, sketches, models, poems, papers or any other forms) the imagination of our capital city in 2040!

The Urban Vision Expression Challenge provides an opportunity for all to submit their expression for the capital city of Bhutan in 2040. The expression of the city could be with the changing/evolving technologies, policies and considering the future of cities regionally and globally.

This is an open competition for any individual to participate. All selected “expressions” would be put up for display and would have the opportunity to present to Bhutanese and students/alumni of Harvard University panel of judges on the 30th of December 2018 in Thimphu.

The challenge is expected to spur an innovative dialogue amongst the participants and public at large and also generate ideas towards preparing our urban cities for the future with the changing technology landscape. The UVEC could provide interesting policy, regulatory, technical and entrepreneurial ideas to the government, public & private sectors and to the youth and individuals.

How to Apply and Participate
The participants would be categorized by age (up to 5 years, 5-10 years, 10-15 years, 20 plus years) while submission and winners of each category after the presentation to the panel would be awarded a certificate including publication of their expression in IoH website. If a team comprises of various age group participants, the expression submission would be categorized to the eldest participant’s age.

All forms of expression along with the details of the participants (individual or teams) should be submitted to the IOH office physically or by email on or before the 25th of December 2018 at hello@iohbhutan.org.

People of all age groups are encouraged to collaborate and participate.

IOH looks forward to the creative genius that we all possess. It’s time we expressed!