Kinga Tshering


Kinga Tshering is a former Member of Parliament in the National Assembly of the Kingdom of Bhutan, and completed his mid-career Masters in Public Administration (MPA) at the Harvard Kennedy School in 2017. He has experience in national legislation and politics, organization building and restructuring in the energy sector with state enterprises like the Bhutan Power Corporation (BPC), Bhutan Electricity Authority (BEA), and Druk Holding and Investments (DHI). He also has experience in the financial sector, banking, energy and infrastructure projects in the capacity of Chief Executive Officer and a Board Member.

Kinga led corporate restructuring, change management, strategy, and social enterprises, and is looking forward to making a profound impact and transformative change on the society through innovation in democracy, governance, and integration of the HAPPINESS index into mainstream economic theory and development works in the emerging nations. As a politician from a Buddhist country that transitioned from a religious monarchy to secular democracy in 2008, Kinga is planning to use his studies in multi-faith and Buddhist practices to navigate through political campaigns with conflicts, competing constituency demands and beliefs that could otherwise form deep political cleavages. He recently founded the Institute of Happiness (IoH)- in Bhutan to further promote his cause through policy dialogue and leadership training.

Kinga was an Engineering Fulbright Fellow at the University of Kansas, a Masters in Dispute Resolution (MDR) Fellow at the Straus Institute of Dispute Resolution while pursuing his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) at Pepperdine University, a Ford Foundation Mason Fellow in Masters in Public Administration (MPA) program at the Harvard Kennedy School and now enrolled in Masters in Divinity (M.Div.) Program at the Harvard Divinity School.