Social Enterprise New Venture Competition

The IOH is proud to announce its inaugural Social Enterprise New Venture Competition

The Social Enterprise New Venture Competition provides an opportunity for eligible Bhutanese students around the nation to explore social entrepreneurship and test ideas for social innovation. Businesses may include non-profit, for-profit, or hybrid business models. Judges will consist of Bhutanese business leaders and expert students and alumni at Harvard University.

About the Competition
This competition allows Bhutanese students to learn from local and foreign best practices about how to structure a social enterprise. Submissions will be judged not only for their business viability, but for their social impact (breadth, depth, and measurement)

Submission Requirements and Deadlines
Round 1
: A short PowerPoint presentation of maximum 10 slides. The suggested structure follows the following format:

  1. Cover slide

  2. The problem you are trying to solve

  3. Your solution

  4. What differentiates your solution (why is your solution special?)

  5. Forecasts: market size, any established traction, etc.

  6. Impact: who are you impacting, how are you affecting their lives, and how will you measure this?

Round 1 submissions are due December 7th. Winners will be notified by December 10th and be invited to compete in Round 2.

Round 2: A refined 5 to 10-slide PowerPoint presentation with further clarification and elaboration. Teams will be presenting to a panel of Bhutanese business professionals and students/alumni of Harvard University on December 30th. Teams will receive mentorship and support from the Harvard University students and alumni before their presentations.

Prizes for the leading teams are to be determined. Presentations will be made available to the public, and all students can celebrate the journey and hear winning pitches from their peers. Students are invited to network with fellow students, alumni, and judges at the final celebration.

How to Apply
The maximum team size is 3, but individual submissions are welcome. All participants must be under 30 years old (on December 30th, 2018), and must submit a Round 1 entry by December 7th. Submissions should be emailed to