Manoj Chhetri


Manoj Chhetri is currently enrolled in the MBA program at the Gedu College of Business Studies with specialization in Marketing. He will be graduating in June 2019. Manoj has a B.Com degree from Royal Thimphu College with a specialization in finance. At Royal Thimphu College, Manoj was a 4-time member of the Dean's List, and his strong academic performance allowed him to visit Japan for a student exchange program with Seisa University.

In 2016, Manoj won first prize in a Google Business Plan competition, where he presented the idea for starting a funeral service in Bhutan. His interests include football, where he played in the Bhutan National league, hiking, travelling and digital products.

During a year gap between the competition of his undergraduate degree and MBA enrollment, he was involved in wholesale consumer goods sale, writing a business proposal for the establishment of a funeral service, and building Bhutan's export economy through online retail. He can speak five languages including English, Dzongkha, Nepali, Hindi, and Sharchokpa.